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Working principle of steam generator
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Working principle of steam generator

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Reasonable flue structure and smoke box drainage structure help to make the condensate water easy to be discharged, collected and treated.Large scale assembly and supply to reduce the workload of on-site installation. The economizer and condenser can be placed on the upper part of the boiler according to the site conditions.

The steam generator consists of hot oil part and evaporator. The hot oil part is the high temperature heat transfer oil that enters the tube bundle of the steam generator through the superheated oil pump or directly from the heat carrier heater. The heat in the tube passes through the tube wall at a certain flow temperature to transfer the heat to the boiler water outside the tube, heating the water, cooling the heat transfer oil, and returning to the heating furnace for recycling.

In the aspect of water and steam system, the feed water is heated to a certain temperature in the heater, enters the economizer through the feed water pipe, and then enters the boiler drum after further heating. After mixing with the boiler water, it goes down to the inlet header of the water wall along the downcomer. The water absorbs the radiant heat of the furnace in the water-cooled wall tube to form a steam-water mixture, which reaches the drum through the rising tube, and the water and steam are separated by the steam-water separation device. The separated saturated steam flows from the upper part of the drum to the superheater, continues to absorb heat to become 450 ℃ superheated steam, and then sent to the steam turbine. In the combustion and flue gas and air system, the forced draft fan sends air into the air preheater to heat it to a certain temperature. Pulverized coal, which is grinded into a certain fineness in the coal mill, is carried by a part of hot air from the air preheater and sprayed into the furnace through the burner. The mixture of pulverized coal and air ejected by the burner is mixed with the rest of hot air in the furnace to burn, releasing a large amount of heat. The hot flue gas after combustion flows through the furnace, slag condensing tube bundle, superheater, economizer and air preheater in sequence, then passes through the dust removal device to remove the fly ash, and finally is sent to the chimney by the induced draft fan for exhaust to the atmosphere.


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