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Development prospects of biomass boilers
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Development prospects of biomass boilers

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The latest generation of sifang circulating fluidized bed boiler adopts the company’s new patented technology of funnel cap, with more uniform air distribution, stronger fluidization, no stratification of bed material, and effective prevention of ash dumping, with self-cleaning function of funnel cap and simple installation and maintenance. Optimizing the design of the air distribution plate and strengthening the air distribution at the four corners of the air distribution board and around the wall to fundamentally solve the uneven fluidization at the four corners and around, and the problem of local high temperature and local low temperature coking. Changing the arrangement of the air cap at the slag drop to achieve the effect of not blocking the slag, releasing the slag more smoothly and selecting the slag more finely.

The development prospects of biomass boilers are broad, with energy conservation and environmental protection saving costs. Currently, there are about 500000 industrial boilers in China, and the annual coal consumption is about one-third of the total coal consumption in the country. The environmental pollution caused by coal-fired industrial boilers is very serious, and a large number of industrial boilers must be replaced with clean energy. According to the conditions of biomass resources in China, using agricultural and forestry residues as boiler fuel has the characteristics of environmental friendliness and recyclability. Studying the combustion technology of biomass boilers and developing biomass fuel boilers have positive significance for saving conventional energy, optimizing China's energy structure, and reducing environmental pollution.

High thermal efficiency indicates that boilers have better energy-saving and environmental protection effects. Thermal efficiency is an important technical and economic indicator of biomass boilers, indicating the level of completeness and operation management of biomass boiler equipment. Fuel is one of the important energy sources. Improving the thermal efficiency of biomass boilers to save fuel is an important aspect of boiler operation management. In order to comprehensively evaluate the working condition of biomass boilers. The boiler must be tested.


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