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What are the hazards of boiler fouling?
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What are the hazards of boiler fouling?

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Boilers are essential equipment for developing the economy, industrial and agricultural production, and improving people's living standards and quality. Poor management can shorten the service life of boilers, increase energy consumption, cause accidents, increase maintenance costs, and prevent production and heating from being guaranteed. The boiler is the heart, and water is the blood of the boiler. Boiler water treatment equipment is an essential means to provide qualified blood for the heart and ensure the safe and economic operation of the boiler. In recent decades, boiler water treatment technology with safety, energy conservation, and environmental protection as its development strategy has made significant progress in the world, and many major research achievements have been transformed into a series of technical standards and regulations. China has also adopted advanced technical standards and regulations for boiler water treatment that are roughly the same as those in the international community, but there are still various problems and a significant gap compared to developed countries.

Due to the strict review and supervision measures adopted for the design, manufacturing, and installation of boilers, the number of boiler accidents caused by quality issues has greatly decreased in recent years, while the number of accidents caused by water treatment problems has greatly increased. Due to errors in water treatment work, accidents such as tube bursting and bulging often occur in boilers due to scaling. The number of boilers that undergo acid cleaning and descaling each year is huge, and the waste of boiler fuel caused by scaling is even more alarming. A considerable problem with boilers in China is boiler corrosion. The corrosion of hot water boilers, which account for one-third of the total number of boilers in China, is particularly severe. Due to corrosion and other reasons, the service life of hot water boilers in China is currently only half to one-third of the design life. Even in foreign countries, this problem has not been well solved. Generally, after two to three years of use, hot water boilers will experience obvious metal corrosion, resulting in red water or leakage.

The reasons that cause corrosion in the operation and shutdown of the hot water boiler system, as well as the scaling of corrosion products caused by this, have long troubled people. Firstly, there is a lack of systematic research on the anti-corrosion and scale inhibition technology of hot water boilers. Secondly, there are no high-tech products. Thirdly, there is a lack of understanding and understanding of some theories, and some often use the anti-corrosion and scale inhibition technology of steam boilers for hot water boilers. However, due to the significant differences in working conditions between hot water boilers and steam boilers. The hot water boiler room is rudimentary, and many effective technologies for steam boilers are difficult to apply to hot water boilers. Some businesses violate scientific propaganda by using circulating cooling water chemicals for hot water boilers.

Protecting the environment that humans rely on for survival has become a focus of international attention and has been elevated to a strategic level of sustainable development. Water treatment belongs to environmental science and will play an extremely important role in protecting the environment, preventing pollution, eliminating pollution, and protecting resources. However, for boiler water treatment, environmental issues have been overshadowed by safety concerns for a long time in the past. When it is difficult to achieve both environmental and safety benefits, the commonly adopted approach at home and abroad is to prioritize safety and efficiency over the environment.


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