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What is a once-through boiler?
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What is a once-through boiler?

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Sifang waste heat boiler usually has high dust content and wear problem, which seriously affects the service life of the boiler. Considering this problem, on the one hand, we use thick-walled tubes for the heating surface of our boiler to improve the strength of the tubes. On the other hand, we reasonably control the flue gas flow rate to reduce the wear rate, reduce the failure rate of the waste heat boiler and improve the service life of the waste heat boiler. The boiler can be personalized according to the needs of users, and can be combined arbitrarily, and freely. The evaporator and economizer adopt modular design with high assembly rate, reducing the amount of on-site installation works.

A once-through boiler is a type of boiler that converts feedwater into steam through each heating surface in a single pass, with a circulation rate equal to 1.0. The feedwater passes through the economizer, evaporative heating surface, and superheater in the order of the water pump pressure head, and all of it becomes superheated steam. In medium capacity once-through boilers, there are three basic types based on the layout of the furnace evaporation heating surface: horizontal surrounding tube type, vertical rising tube screen type, and return tube screen type.

Compared with natural circulation boilers, the advantage of a direct flow boiler is that the arrangement of the evaporation heating surface is relatively free, which can be applied under supercritical and critical pressures. It is easy to manufacture and saves metal due to the lack of a drum. In addition, it has fast start stop and flexible adjustment. Its disadvantages include high requirements for water supply quality and automatic regulation, high resistance of the evaporation heating surface, and high power consumption of the water supply pump.


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