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What does gas boiler do
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What does gas boiler do

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The boiler adopts a unique two-way central reverse combustion, low arrangement in the center of the combustion chamber and the design idea of symmetrical distribution of heat exchange flue pipes on the left and right. The heat exchange load is uniform and stable, which is conducive to the steam water circulation and improve the safety of the boiler. The reasonable application of corrugated furnace liner and threaded fire tube which enhances heat transfer can not only strengthen the turbulent heat transfer of high-temperature flue gas, but also effectively absorb the thermal expansion and contraction of furnace body. The boiler adopts the design idea of large furnace, which has complete combustion and is not easy to accumulate carbon, featuring high efficiency and sufficient output and low NOx emission. The economizer and condenser are arranged on the top of the boiler, with compact structure and no floor area.

Gas boilers are widely used as boiler equipment for steam, heating and bathing. The use of gas boilers can be roughly divided into three aspects:

1. Commercial

Provide heating or bathing water and domestic hot water for supermarkets, hospitals, schools, hotels, communities, bathing centers and other areas. Because the content of ash, sulfur and nitrogen in the flue gas is lower than that of coal, the combustion is complete, the dust content in the flue gas is very small, and the environmental protection performance is good, so it is suitable for commercial use.

2. Industrial

The gas-fired boilers used in the industrial field are mainly used for power generation. The combustible gases used in industrial gas-fired boilers generally include natural gas, blast furnace gas, producer gas, etc. Industrial use of gas-fired boilers can reduce labor intensity, improve labor conditions, reduce operating costs, and save operating costs, space and labor.

3. Civil

The domestic gas boiler is commonly known as the wall-mounted boiler. It is mainly used for domestic daily hot water, bath hot water and heating. It is easy to operate, can be automatically controlled, and easy to maintain. It is an ideal choice for domestic heating.


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