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  • What is a once-through boiler?
    Sifang waste heat boiler usually has high dust content and wear problem, which seriously affects the service life of the boiler. Considering this problem, on the one hand, we use thick-walled tubes for the heating surface of our boiler to improve the strength of the tubes. On the other hand, we reas
  • What are the hazards of boiler fouling?
    Boilers are essential equipment for developing the economy, industrial and agricultural production, and improving people's living standards and quality. Poor management can shorten the service life of boilers, increase energy consumption, cause accidents, increase maintenance costs, and prevent prod
  • Methods for improving boiler thermal efficiency
    When designing low-pressure industrial boilers, manufacturers have already considered the issue of overheating efficiency, and it is unlikely to save energy by changing the equipment or flue gas. Therefore, it is best to start from the operation aspect for boiler energy conservation (the method of s
  • Development prospects of biomass boilers
    The latest generation of sifang circulating fluidized bed boiler adopts the company’s new patented technology of funnel cap, with more uniform air distribution, stronger fluidization, no stratification of bed material, and effective prevention of ash dumping, with self-cleaning function of funnel ca
  • Why should we set up two sets of water circulation with different pressures?
    Steady state design theory to ensure various performances. The steady state design theory provides a theoretical basis for the structural design and performance calculation of the boiler. After the design according to the steady state theory, the layout of heating surfaces at all levels of the boile
  • How to operate the boiler safely?
    A boiler is a hazardous operation that integrates high-pressure vessels, pressurized pipelines, and special equipment. The safe and economical operation of the boiler, as well as equipment maintenance, play a crucial role in ensuring smooth operation and extending the service life of the boiler.1. S
  • The harm caused by positive pressure combustion of boilers is mainly manifested in the following aspects
    Circulating fluidized bed boiler adopts circulating fluidized bed combustion (CFBC) technology, that is, the fuel is burned in fluidized state, and the materials flying out of the furnace are collected by the gas-solid separator and returned to the furnace for circulating combustion and utilization.
  • Reasons for Positive Pressure Combustion in Boilers
    Our corner tube boiler has a fully enclosed membrane wall structure, with good sealing and small air leakage coefficient of the boiler. The boiler body adopts the latest round furnace door. The furnace door is an embedded furnace door, which is welded with the membrane wall around. It has good seali
  • The Harm and Countermeasures of Boiler Scale
    Tail heating surface:(1) Equal flow velocity variable cross-section design of the tail heating surface to ensure that the minimum smoke velocity of the flag heating surface is more than 6m/s.(2) The tail heating surface of each stage is reserved for soot blower interface and installation of soot blo
  • Boiler cleaning agents can be regarded as the nemesis of boiler fouling treatment
    The whole boiler is like a large container, with plastic sprayed steel plate or galvanized corrugated plate on the outside, and the color of plastic sprayed plate can be selected by the user. The boiler has high thermal efficiency and less chemical incomplete combustion loss. Due to the low flow rat
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