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  • Aug
    What is the negative pressure of boiler furnace?
    We have the manufacturing license of Class A boiler and Class A1 pressure vessel, ASME certification qualification, boiler installation, alteration, repair and maintenance license, and have passed IO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification,
  • Aug
    What is the effect of too low or too high furnace pressure on boiler operation?
    If the furnace pressure is too low, the air leakage in the furnace and the flue will be intensified, the combustion will deteriorate, the combustion loss will increase, and even the combustion will be unstable until the fire is extinguished; If the furnace pressure is too high, the flame and high-te
  • Sep
    What is boiler water
    The water and steam system of the boiler and its thermal cycle equipment includes a series of equipment pipes and their evaporation heating surfaces flowing from the raw water into the boiler, and the steam system of the superheated heating surfaces and their steam consuming equipment flowing from t
  • Sep
    Main classification and generation principle of NOx
    ① Thermal typeThermal NOx is mainly generated during combustion. Nitrogen in combustion supporting air is oxidized under high-temperature flame. It is mainly generated in the area with temperature higher than 1800K. Temperature, excess air coefficient and residence time in high-temperature zone will
  • Sep
    Phenomena and main causes of economizer damage
    A) phenomenon of economizer damage accident (1) the water level of the drum drops abnormally, the water supply volume increases significantly, and is larger than the steam volume, and the water pressure at the economizer inlet decreases; (2) The exhaust gas temperature decreases and the water temper
  • Sep
    Natural gas low nitrogen combustion technology
    NOx generation of natural gas boiler is mainly thermal NOx, which can be controlled by controlling combustion temperature. The main control methods are as follows:A) staged combustionStaged combustion refers to the combustion technology in which the air and fuel required for combustion are fed into
  • Sep
    What are single impulse regulation and three impulse regulation of boiler water level?
    In the process of boiler water level control, the adjustment method that takes the drum water level as the feedback signal is called single impulse adjustment of boiler water level. Single impulse water level control is the simplest and most basic form of boiler drum water level automatic control.Th
  • Sep
    Calculation and analysis of boiler steel structure
    Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Co., Ltd. is located in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China, a beautiful birthplace of Han culture, a famous historical and cultural city and a livable city of the United Nations. As the second largest railway hub in China, Xuzhou is 582km away from Shanghai. It is not only an impo
  • Sep
    Boiler heating
    Boiler capacity, also known as boiler output, is the basic characteristic parameter of boiler. Steam boiler is expressed by evaporation, and hot water boiler is expressed by heat supply.Evaporation: the amount of steam produced per hour during long-term continuous operation of the steam boiler, whic
  • Sep
    Boiler evaporation
  • Sep
    What is the reason for the cracking of the smoke pipe of the WNSL fire tube boiler?
    The cracking of smoke pipe is generally caused by insufficient cooling of pipe section. This problem is mainly caused by the following three points, which need to be implemented one by one.① The length of the pipe section protruding from the weld exceeds the standardGB / t16508 shell and tube boiler
  • Sep
    Is the steam generator a steam boiler?
    Yes, the steam generator is also called the steam heat source engine (commonly known as the boiler), which is a mechanical equipment that uses the heat energy of fuel or other energy sources to heat water into hot water or steam. The original meaning of the boiler refers to the water container heate
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