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Classification of boiler burners
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Classification of boiler burners

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Classification of boiler burners

The outer wall of the boiler uses light insulation material, and the outer cover is model slab, which has good heat insulation effect. There is no brick in the inner and outer wall of the boiler, and its no steel frame structure can greatly reduce the weight of the boiler. The total weight of the angle tube furnace is equivalent to 1/2 of the same type of bulk boiler. The bearing capacity of the boiler foundation is reduced by more than half, and the body height is also reduced. The height of the whole boiler room can save a lot of building materials, which greatly reduces the total cost of the boiler room.

As there are many structural forms of industrial boiler burners, with different parameters and uses, up to now, there is no unified classification rule in China. The classification method is based on different requirements, and the classification situation varies. Common methods include the following.

1. Classification by working pressure of boiler burners

LP boiler burner: p ≤ 2.5 mpa;

Medium pressure boiler burner: p=2.6 to 5.9 mpa;

High pressure boiler burner: p=6.0 to 13.9 mpa;

Ultrahigh pressure boiler burner: p ≥ 14 mpa.

2. Classification by evaporation capacity of boiler burners

(1) Small boiler burner: d<20 tons/hour;

(2) Medium boiler burner: d=20 to 75 tons/hour;

(3) Large boiler burner: d>75 tons/hour.

3. Classified by boiler burner usage

Utility boilers, industrial boilers, and domestic boilers.

4. Classified by boiler outlet medium

Steam boiler, hot water boiler, steam and water dual purpose boiler.

5. Classification by fuel used

Coal fired boilers, oil fired boilers, and gas fired boilers.


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