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What should be paid attention to when the boiler operates at low load?
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What should be paid attention to when the boiler operates at low load?

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The boiler adopts a unique two-way central reverse combustion, low arrangement in the center of the combustion chamber and the design idea of symmetrical distribution of heat exchange flue pipes on the left and right. The heat exchange load is uniform and stable, which is conducive to the steam water circulation and improve the safety of the boiler. The reasonable application of corrugated furnace liner and threaded fire tube which enhances heat transfer can not only strengthen the turbulent heat transfer of high-temperature flue gas, but also effectively absorb the thermal expansion and contraction of furnace body.

1) When the furnace temperature drops, the combustion stability decreases, and the possibility of fire extinguishing and deflagration is large;

2) The steam water cycle is weakened, and the reliability of water cycle is weakened;

3) The water level of the steam drum fluctuates greatly, and it is difficult to realize automatic water feeding;

4) It is difficult to ensure the quality of steam;

5) Low exhaust gas temperature is easy to cause low temperature corrosion and ash deposition on the tail heating surface.


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