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What materials are used for deaeration water equipment
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What materials are used for deaeration water equipment

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The main products of our company are oil-fired (gas-fired) boilers, fluidized bed boilers (coal-fired, biomass-fired), pulverized-coal fired boilers, corner-tube boilers (coal-fired, biomass-fired), various types of waste heat utilization boilers for waste and hazardous waste incineration, large intelligent control autoclave and other products. The company has an annual production capacity of more than 10,000 steam tons of boilers and 800 sets of pressure vessels.

① Deoxidation of steel chips

It is generally used in small boiler rooms that do not require high water supply quality, or as make-up water for the thermal network, as well as supplemental deoxygenation after thermal deoxygenation of high-pressure boilers, and generally only as auxiliary measures.

② Hydrazine deoxygenation

This method is often used as an auxiliary measure after thermal deaeration to completely remove residual oxygen in water without increasing the salt content of boiler water.

③ Thermal deaeration

The boiler feed water is heated to the boiling point to reduce the solubility of oxygen, so that the oxygen in the water continuously escapes, and then the oxygen generated on the water surface is discharged together with the steam, which can also remove various gases in the water.

④ Chemical deoxidation

The chemical reaction is mainly used to remove the oxygen contained in the water, so that the dissolved oxygen in the water can be transformed into stable metal or other agent compounds before entering the boiler, so as to eliminate it.

⑤ Vacuum deaeration

It can achieve deoxygenation at low temperature on water surface. For thermal boilers and steam boilers with large load fluctuation and poor thermal deoxygenation effect, vacuum deoxygenation can be used to achieve satisfactory deoxygenation effect.

⑥ Analytic deoxygenation

The oxygen free gas is strongly mixed with the feed water to be deoxidized, so that the oxygen dissolved in the water can be resolved to the gas, and the water can achieve the purpose of deoxidization through such circulation.

⑦ Oxygen removal by sodium sulfite

Oxygen is the main corrosive substance in the water supply system, so it is required to quickly remove oxygen from the water supply. Generally, sodium sulfite is used as the deoxidizer.


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