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What is the negative pressure of boiler furnace?
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What is the negative pressure of boiler furnace?

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Furnace negative pressure refers to that the furnace operates under negative pressure when the air volume is satisfied during the combustion process of the boiler. Generally, the furnace pressure is between - 50pA and - 100Pa, and the furnace pressure itself has the characteristics of small fluctuation.

Furnace negative pressure is one of the important parameters for control and monitoring during operation. When the flue gas flows through the heating surface, it is necessary to overcome the flow resistance, so the negative pressure at each point along the flue gas flow is gradually increased. Under different loads, the negative pressure at each point of the flue changes correspondingly due to the change of flue gas. If the load increases, the negative pressure at each point of the flue increases correspondingly, and vice versa. During normal operation, the negative pressure and load at each point of the flue keep a certain change law; When slagging, ash deposition or local ash blockage occurs on the heating surface of a section, the flow velocity of flue gas increases and the resistance increases due to the reduction of the flue gas flow section, so the pressure difference at the inlet and outlet increases. Therefore, by monitoring the change of negative pressure and flue gas temperature at each point of the flue, defects such as ash, ash blockage and leakage in the heating area of each section can be found in time.

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