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What is the function of gas-fired hot water boiler
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What is the function of gas-fired hot water boiler

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We have the manufacturing license of Class A boiler and Class A1 pressure vessel, ASME certification qualification, boiler installation, alteration, repair and maintenance license, and have passed IO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification. Moreover, we has more than 40 technical patents of boiler products.

There are many types of gas-fired boilers, which can be divided into gas-fired hot water boilers, gas-fired steam boilers, gas-fired boiling water boilers, gas-fired bath boilers, etc. According to their functions, gas-fired boiling water boilers are boiler equipment that use gas to heat and boil water and supply boiling water. The gas-fired boiling water boiler uses the solenoid valve as the water supplement device, which automatically fills the boiler with water when it works, and then starts the burner to heat the water to the set temperature, and then sends the boiling water into the insulation water tank. Gas-fired boiling water boiler is widely used because of its high safety factor, relative environmental protection, beautiful coordination and high thermal efficiency.

Places such as factories, hospitals and schools usually have large demand for boiled water. It is too late to rely on water heaters alone. Therefore, they will choose to install gas-fired boiled water boilers. Gas-fired water boiler, also known as gas-fired water boiler, gas-fired tea boiler and gas-fired drinking water boiler, is a kind of gas-fired boiler. Its main function is to use gas to heat and boil water, and store it for continuous or centralized supply of boiled water. It belongs to the category of normal-pressure civil boiler, which can continuously supply a large amount of boiled water to meet the needs of units.


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