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What is boiler water
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What is boiler water

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The water and steam system of the boiler and its thermal cycle equipment includes a series of equipment pipes and their evaporation heating surfaces flowing from the raw water into the boiler, and the steam system of the superheated heating surfaces and their steam consuming equipment flowing from the steam.

The quality of boiler water treatment is directly related to the safe and economic operation and service life of the boiler. China has a vast territory and complex water quality. Most of the water is non alkaline carbonate water. Its calcium hardness accounts for about 0.7% of the total hardness, the salt content is medium, the silicate content is below 20mg / L, and the suspended solids content varies greatly. According to the water quality and function in the water and steam system, the boiler water is generally divided into the following types:

(1) Raw water, natural water without any purification treatment, mainly comes from river water, groundwater, or tap water from urban water supply system, which is the raw material for boiler water replenishment.

(2) Make up water: when the boiler loses some water due to sampling, blowdown, leakage, etc. during operation, and the production return water is polluted and cannot be recycled or there is no steam return water, it must be supplemented with water meeting the water quality requirements. This part of water is called make up water. According to different treatment methods, it can be divided into softened water, demineralized water and distilled water.

(3) Return water: the water returned to the boiler after the steam is condensed by the work or heat exchange of the steam consuming equipment, that is, condensed water.

(4) Feed water, that is, the water sent into the boiler, usually includes return water and make-up water.

(5) Boiler water is the water flowing in the evaporation system of the boiler body.

(6) Waste water refers to the boiler water discharged when its water quality index exceeds the standard requirements under the continuous evaporation and concentration of salt content or alkalinity of boiler water.

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