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What are the differences between hot water boiler and steam boiler
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What are the differences between hot water boiler and steam boiler

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Both hot water boiler and steam boiler belong to boiler equipment, but there are differences in use, pressure, installation method, use of accessories, heating speed and other aspects. Therefore, when using, please select appropriate boiler equipment according to boiler equipment.

Gas boiler can be divided into hot water boiler and steam boiler according to the purpose of product medium. Both are boilers, but they are different in many ways.

1. Purpose difference

Hot water boiler is a kind of boiler product that produces hot water. It is often used in winter heating, bathing, hotel accommodation and other business and family fields. Steam boiler is mainly used to generate steam, and is used for gas boiler in industrial production of chemical plants, metallurgical plants, mining sites, clothing plants, thermal power plants, ships and other industries.

2. Pressure difference

Hot water boiler can be divided into atmospheric hot water boiler and pressurized hot water boiler according to pressure. The pressurized hot water boiler is a hot water boiler with working pressure, but the atmospheric pressure hot water boiler is used more often. Steam boilers are generally pressure vessels with working pressure.

3. Installation differences

The atmospheric hot water boiler does not have working pressure, so it does not need to be filed and inspected during installation, and can enter into working state after installation and commissioning; The steam boiler is a pressure vessel, so it needs to go to the local quality inspection department for inspection and acceptance during installation, and can only be operated after the acceptance is qualified.

4. Difference in using accessories

The hot water boiler has no working pressure, so it does not need to install a pressure gauge, but it needs to install a water level gauge. On the contrary, the steam boiler needs to install a pressure gauge, but it does not need a water level gauge.

5. Heating speed difference

The hot water boiler is relatively gentle in heating hot water and can maintain the heat supply; As the steam boiler is converted from water to steam, it needs a lot of heat to ensure the water steam. The temperature rises rapidly and the heat removal speed is also fast.


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