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What are single impulse regulation and three impulse regulation of boiler water level?
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What are single impulse regulation and three impulse regulation of boiler water level?

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In the process of boiler water level control, the adjustment method that takes the drum water level as the feedback signal is called single impulse adjustment of boiler water level. Single impulse water level control is the simplest and most basic form of boiler drum water level automatic control.

Three impulse water level regulation is to adjust the opening of feed water valve according to the three impulses of drum water level, feed water flow and steam flow through PID calculation in the process of automatic water level control, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic control of feed water flow. Three impulse regulation is actually a cascade control system with feedforward signal. The liquid level controller and the flow controller constitute a cascade control system. The drum level is the main variable and the feedwater flow is the auxiliary variable. The introduction of auxiliary variables makes the system have strong ability to overcome the fluctuation of feed water pressure (flow). The steam flow signal is introduced as a feedforward signal. Because the fluctuation of steam flow is a factor that causes the change of drum liquid level and is a disturbance, when the steam flow fluctuates, the flow controller is introduced through measurement to make the feed water flow change accordingly, so it is controlled according to the disturbance and has a feedforward effect.

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