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Reasons for Positive Pressure Combustion in Boilers
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Reasons for Positive Pressure Combustion in Boilers

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Our corner tube boiler has a fully enclosed membrane wall structure, with good sealing and small air leakage coefficient of the boiler. The boiler body adopts the latest round furnace door. The furnace door is an embedded furnace door, which is welded with the membrane wall around. It has good sealing and effectively prevents low-temperature corrosion.

Positive pressure combustion of a boiler means that the pressure of the flue gas in the furnace is greater than the atmospheric pressure during use. Positive pressure combustion is very harmful to the safe operation of boilers. Below is an analysis and explanation of the causes and hazards of positive pressure combustion in boilers.

There are various reasons for positive pressure combustion in boilers, mainly including the following situations:

1. The operation level of the stoker is low. Therefore, the sense of responsibility is poor, the cultural quality is low, and some people do not understand the air volume ratio adjustment of the drum and induced draft fan at all, resulting in poor operational level. Causing positive pressure combustion in the boiler.

2. The flue is blocked. The blockage of the flue is generally caused by the accumulation of ash or the detachment of refractory materials inside the flue. If the refractory bricks or refractory materials of the first return outlet flue, smoke box of the DZ boiler fall off; Ash accumulation or refractory material falling into the convection tube bundle of SZ boiler; Excessive accumulation of ash at the bottom of the chimney can cause blockage in the flue and cause positive pressure combustion in the boiler.

3. Boiler air leakage. Boiler air leakage mainly refers to the corrosion, wear, perforation, and damage of some observation doors, ash cleaning doors, flues, dust collectors, and induced draft fans at the rear of the boiler, causing a large amount of cold air to enter, causing the induced draft fan to overload and burn under positive pressure.

4. Insufficient air volume and pressure of the induced draft fan. There are two situations where the positive pressure combustion of the boiler is caused by insufficient air volume and pressure of the induced draft fan. One is that the modification of the boiler dust removal increases the resistance of the flue gas, resulting in insufficient air pressure; Another reason is that the blades of the induced draft fan are corroded and worn due to years of use, resulting in a decrease in the air volume and pressure of the induced draft fan.

5. Increase in heating capacity. This is because the increase in heat supply exceeds the capacity of the boiler, and the problem of insufficient heat supply has to be solved by burning positive pressure.


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