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Performance characteristics of gas-fired boiler
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Performance characteristics of gas-fired boiler

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The flue gas of waste heat boiler contains volatile sulfide and combustible materials, which will further complete the chemical reaction and release heat. Chemical reaction heat is fully considered in the design of waste heat boiler to meet the needs of production process. According to the flue temperature of the flue, the pitch of the membrane wall is reasonably selected to control the average wall temperature of the membrane wall so that the soot on the convection heating surface is not bonded in order to remove the ash slag and ensure the ash removal effect on the convection heating surface. We can also reasonably arrange ash cleaning devices on heating surfaces in different temperature zones.

1. Normal pressure mode is adopted, the boiler is not pressure-bearing, with high safety factor and no explosion risk.

2. It is designed as a burner down-mounted pyrotechnic tube boiler. The fuel is combusted at a slightly positive pressure in the furnace through the burner, and the high-temperature flue gas carries out radiation heat exchange in the furnace, then enters the pyrotechnic tube for convection heat exchange, and finally is discharged through the upper smoke box, which is relatively environmentally friendly.

3. The design of boiler body and boiler body adopts computer optimization simulation design, which optimizes the size of gas-fired boiler and makes the shape harmonious and beautiful.

4. The flue pipe is inserted with a flow baffle to slow down the exhaust speed of flue gas, strengthen the heat exchange, ensure that the heat generated by fuel combustion can heat the boiler water to the maximum extent, and greatly improve the thermal efficiency of the gas-fired boiler.

5. The boiler body is equipped with a glass tube level gauge to directly display the boiler water level position, and the boiler water level is clear at a glance.

6. The clearance between large-diameter smoke pipe and large-hole bridge makes the scale coating of gas-fired boiler thin and easy to clean.

7. The shell boiler has a large capacity of water and can provide sufficient boiled water.


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