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Operating Procedures for Gas and Steam Boilers
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Operating Procedures for Gas and Steam Boilers

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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, and is the first ASME accredited special equipment manufacturing enterprise of China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute. Through technological and innovative development, our company has become the leading boiler industry in China.

The gas-fired boiler is a special equipment. Improper operation may lead to potential safety hazards or accidents. Therefore, the operation shall be carried out in strict accordance with the regulations. Before starting the gas-fired boiler, all aspects shall be checked to confirm that there is no abnormal water inflow. After the boiler water inflow, start the gas-fired steam boiler to let it air inlet and power on. Pay attention to temperature rise, gas supply and other aspects during the start-up process, and wait for it to operate normally. Pay attention to safety during the operation of gas-fired boiler, including some safety matters.

With the successive implementation of energy conservation and environmental protection policies, the traditional coal-fired industrial boiler is gradually replaced by gas-fired steam boiler. As a special equipment, gas-fired steam boiler has certain risks. Therefore, in the process of operation, it is necessary to strictly follow the operating procedures. The operating procedures of gas-fired boiler are:

1. Inspection and preparation before start-up of gas-fired boiler

The normal start of gas-fired boiler is divided into cold start and hot start. The two kinds of boiler maintenance backup and the start of newly installed boiler are cold start. The cold start should check the appearance and interior of the boiler, all electrical equipment, and all valves and meters; After the inspection or hot start, feed water into the boiler, open the air valve or pull up the safety valve at the same time, and confirm that the water level has been at the normal position and there is no abnormal change in the water level, and then stop feeding water.

2. Startup and operation of steam boiler

(1) Operating procedure of burner: the gas-steam boiler adopts boiler computer automatic control. Before starting the burner, ensure that the gas supply pressure of the gas pipeline is maintained above 50KPa, and the boiler water level meets the specified standard before opening the butterfly valve of the gas supply pipeline; Then close the power supply air switch of the distribution cabinet to power the boiler controller. At this time, the boiler controller power indicator light is on, and the LCD screen enters the initial screen. When the LCD screen enters the main interface, press the "Start" button, and the controller enters the automatic control state.

(2) Temperature rise observation: the temperature shall not rise too fast during ignition and temperature rise to avoid uneven heating of all parts and excessive stress. After ignition, pay attention to the water level in the drum at any time; Close the exhaust valve when steam comes out of the open exhaust valve.

(3) Gas supply: when the air pressure is close to the working pressure, prepare to supply gas to the outside. The water level in the boiler should not exceed the normal water level before gas supply, and the combustion in the furnace is stable during gas supply. When supplying gas, open the main gas valve slightly to allow a small amount of steam to warm up the pipe. At the same time, open the drain valve on the pipeline to drain the condensate. After the completion of pipe warming, the main gas valve can be fully opened after the condensate on the pipeline is gradually reduced. After the main air valve is fully opened, the hand wheel of the main air valve should be returned for half a turn to prevent the defects such as being unable to turn after heat expansion.

(4) Normal operation of steam boiler: during the normal start-up cycle, the operator must pay attention to whether the burner start-up process is normal; After the burner is ignited normally, observe whether the flame is normal and whether there is abnormal sound; Observe whether the water level in the drum is normal, the steam pressure is stable, and the combustion condition is good. When the boiler enters the normal operation stage, the boiler operator shall strengthen the monitoring of the boiler body, safety accessories, instruments and auxiliary equipment, carefully carry out the patrol inspection of the boiler and auxiliary equipment and fill in the operation records in time.


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