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Phenomena and main causes of economizer damage
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Phenomena and main causes of economizer damage

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A) phenomenon of economizer damage accident (1) the water level of the drum drops abnormally, the water supply volume increases significantly, and is larger than the steam volume, and the water pressure at the economizer inlet decreases; (2) The exhaust gas temperature decreases and the water temperature at the outlet of the economizer increases; (3) Abnormal noise near the economizer; (4) Steam, moisture and even water flow from the ash hopper and furnace wall at the lower part of the economizer.

B) the main reasons for the damage of the economizer are: (1) the feed water quality is not up to standard, and the inner wall of the economizer tube causes serious oxygen corrosion or scaling; (2) Fly ash abrasion and low-temperature acid corrosion of the outer wall of the economizer tube; C) severe crack vibration caused by water hammer accident, which seriously damages the economizer and even cracks; (4) Overpressure and overtemperature caused by incomplete or failure of safety accessories of economizer; (5) Cracks and leakage caused by quality problems of economizer pipe welding, pipe fittings, connection and installation, etc


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