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Is the steam generator a steam boiler?
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Is the steam generator a steam boiler?

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Yes, the steam generator is also called the steam heat source engine (commonly known as the boiler), which is a mechanical equipment that uses the heat energy of fuel or other energy sources to heat water into hot water or steam. The original meaning of the boiler refers to the water container heated on the fire, and the furnace refers to the place where fuel is burned. The boiler includes the boiler and the furnace.

The steam generator is a boiler, but not all boilers are steam generators. Although their operating principles are similar, there are also some differences, such as use registration procedures, scope, system configuration, startup speed, products, etc.

1. Use registration procedures: in the traditional understanding, the boiler needs to be submitted for inspection, while the water volume of the steam generator is less than 30 liters, which is not within the scope of supervision and inspection in the Boiler Regulations, and belongs to the boiler exempted from supervision and inspection.

2. Scope: The boiler covers a wide range, such as inspection application boiler, inspection free boiler, hot water boiler, steam boiler, etc. The steam generator is an inspection free steam boiler.

3. System configuration: the boiler cannot be adjusted according to the gas consumption, while the steam generator adopts modular configuration, which can be arranged separately and flexibly according to the required pressure and steam volume, greatly reducing steam loss.

4. Start up speed: the traditional boiler starts slowly, while the steam generator can generate high-temperature steam in a short time, realizing instant on and use without preheating.

5. Product: The steam generator produces steam, and the product of the boiler can be steam or hot water.


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