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Boiler heating

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Boiler capacity, also known as boiler output, is the basic characteristic parameter of boiler. Steam boiler is expressed by evaporation, and hot water boiler is expressed by heat supply.

Evaporation: the amount of steam produced per hour during long-term continuous operation of the steam boiler, which is called the evaporation of this boiler, is represented by the symbol "d", and the common unit is t / h. Boiler product nameplate and design data The evaporation value indicated on is the rated evaporation. It refers to the evaporation capacity that can be generated by the boiler per hour under long-term continuous operation under the rated feed water temperature, the designed working pressure and the guaranteed efficiency with no ash deposition on the heating surface of the boiler and the use of the original design fuel. In actual work, it is impossible to keep the rated conditions unchanged at all. Therefore, in actual operation of the boiler, the maximum steam generated per hour is the maximum evaporation capacity, and the efficiency of the boiler will be reduced.

Heat supply: the rated heat supply of the hot water boiler is the effective heat of the outlet water per hour under the rated return water temperature, pressure and rated water volume under long-term continuous operation. Denoted by the symbol "Q", the unit is megawatt (MW).

Take the one ton boiler as an example. One ton of one ton boiler refers to the heat of evaporating one ton of water steam, which is about 0.7mw. The hot water boiler generates 0.7mw of heat, which is roughly equivalent to the heat of 1t / h steam generated by the steam boiler.

How much water is needed for heating per square meter? Heating: due to different temperatures in different regions, the required heat supply is also different. The heat supply per square meter is 50-70w, and the heat supply area of a ton of boiler is about 6000-10000 square meters. The actual situation needs to be calculated with reference to the heat supply needs of different places.

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