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Boiler evaporation
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Boiler evaporation

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Jiangsu Sifang WNSL oil gas boiler is an environmental friendly boiler developed by the company on the basis of years of experience in producing oil gas boilers and years of cooperation with famous domestic scientific research units and colleges. In recent years, the company has developed the latest generation of high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental friendly oil-gas condensing boilers by introducing a group of mature oil-gas boiler chief designers and combining the company's existing oil-gas boiler operation data. The flue gas after natural gas combustion contains a large amount of water vapor, and the latent heat of vaporization can be recovered to improve the boiler efficiency to more than 100%. It is suitable for natural gas, light oil, heavy oil and other fuels, and is widely used in garment factories, hospitals, schools, hotels, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, beverage factories, rubber factories, chemical factories, paper mills, building materials industries, etc. With the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, boilers are favored by more and more enterprises. Jiangsu Sifang boiler has built a professional oil and gas boiler production line, which realizes the automation of boiler from blanking to processing, welding and assembly, ensures the product quality and production cycle of the boiler, and escorts the large-scale production of the enterprise.

Boiler (refers to steam boiler) is a steam equipment that uses the heat energy or other heat energy released after fuel combustion to heat feed water to obtain specified parameters (temperature, pressure) and quality. It is widely used in various industries.

Evaporation refers to the amount of steam produced per hour during long-term continuous operation of a steam boiler. The common unit is t / h. The Evaporation value indicated on the boiler product nameplate and design data is the rated evaporation, which means that there is no ash deposition on the heating surface of the boiler, and the original design fuel is used. Under the rated feed water temperature, the designed working pressure and the guaranteed efficiency, the evaporation produced by the boiler per hour is, It is impossible to keep the rated conditions unchanged. Therefore, in the actual operation of the boiler, the maximum evaporation per hour is the maximum evaporation, and the efficiency of the boiler will be reduced.

For ordinary boilers, it is the rated evaporation capacity. For waste heat boilers, it is called the nominal evaporation capacity. The heat emitted from flue gas = (flue gas inlet enthalpy * inlet temperature - outlet enthalpy * outlet temperature) * flue gas volume.

The method for calculating the evaporation capacity of the equipment is as follows:;

1. Knowing the amount of flue gas and the inlet and outlet temperatures, we can get the heat emitted by the flue gas every hour after it passes through the waste heat boiler;

2. It is necessary to know the feed water temperature and steam outlet temperature of the equipment, so that the heat absorbed by each kg of working medium through the equipment can be obtained;

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