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Explanation of Boiler Terms (3)
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Explanation of Boiler Terms (3)

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Explanation of Boiler Terms (3)

The membrane water wall of the boileradopts fully welded structure, which has good sealing and no air leakage, reduces the excess air coefficient of flue gas and reduces the loss q2 of flue gas; The heavy refractory brick and red brick wall structure used in traditional industrial boilers is changed into light furnace wall, which has good heat preservation effect, heat dissipation loss q6 reduction, small heat storage of furnace wall and rapid start and stop of boiler.

1. Boiler heating surface

The boiler heating surface refers to the interface where heat is absorbed from the heat releasing medium and transferred to the heating connection, such as the furnace liner, cylinder, tube, etc. of the boiler.

2. Radiation heating surface

A heating surface that absorbs heat from an exothermic medium in the form of radiant heat transfer. Generally, it refers to a heating surface in the furnace that can absorb radiant heat (in direct contact with fire), such as water cooled wall tubes, furnace liners, etc.

3. Convective heating surface

The heating surface that absorbs heat from high-temperature flue gas in the form of convective heat transfer, usually referring to the heating surface through which the flue gas passes, such as flue, convection tube bundle, etc

4. Boiler thermal efficiency

Boiler thermal efficiency refers to the percentage of the effective utilization heat output of the boiler compared to the fuel heat used at the same time

5. Fuel consumption

The amount of fuel consumed by a boiler per unit time is called fuel consumption.

6. Sewage discharge

The anhydrous flow discharged by the boiler is called the blowdown amount.

7. Water tube boiler

A boiler in which flue gas flows outside the heating surface tube and water flows inside the tube is called a water tube boiler.

8. Shell boiler

The boiler whose heating surface is mainly arranged in the shell (cylinder) is called a shell boiler, also known as a fire tube boiler

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