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Common methods of boiler transformation
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Common methods of boiler transformation

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1. Boiler flue gas waste heat recovery

The flue gas emission temperature of industrial boilers is generally high, above 180 ℃, which not only pollutes the environment, but also wastes valuable flue gas waste heat resources. The use of heat pipe heat exchange technology can effectively recover the waste heat resources of this part of the polluted flue gas, which can be used to preheat the combustion supporting air of the boiler, preheat the boiler feed water or directly generate hot water.

2. Repair of boiler coal handling device

At present, all floor type boilers use raw coal, and most of them are forward rotating chain grate boilers. On the grate, it blocks the air inlet of the boiler and affects combustion. Bucket coal feeding is converted into layered coal feeding, and raw coal and final coal are filtered by grate through gravity filter. From bottom to top. Promote air intake, improve combustion conditions and increase coal. According to the carbon content of slag, the coal saving rate can reach 5%~20%. According to the furnace conditions before transformation, the worse the furnace conditions with different energy-saving effects, the higher the effect. The project investment is small, the energy saving effect is high, and the recovery speed is fast.

3. Oxygen enriched combustion technology of boiler

Generally, if the flame temperature of the boiler is not enough, the carbon content of the coal cinder is too high, the Lingerman blackness of the flue gas cannot meet the standard, the combustion efficiency of the boiler is not high, and the power output of the boiler is insufficient, you can consider adopting the oxygen enriched combustion technology to increase the oxygen content of the combustion supporting air, so that the fuel can be burned more fully. Reduce air coefficient, smoke emission after combustion, increase flame temperature, reduce smoke blackness, save energy by 5%~15%, and increase boiler output by more than 10%. The advantages of oxygen enriched combustion technology in energy conservation and environmental protection are very good, and the payback period of the project investment is less than one year.

4. Modification and adjustment of boiler interior

In most cases, coal-fired boilers are purchased for a short time and have a long service life, so each configuration can support boiler operation. For gas conversion, biomass conversion, power conversion, oil conversion, etc., only individual boiler configurations need to be replaced, and only the boiler body and some configurations need to be retained, which is more convenient.


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