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Why to treat boiler water
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Why to treat boiler water

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1Fuel waste

After scaling of the boiler, the heat transfer performance of the heat transfer surface decreases, and the heat released by fuel combustion cannot reach the water in the boiler in time, taking away a lot of heat. Efficiency. In order to maintain the rated parameters of the boiler, it is necessary to add fuel, so the fuel is wasted. On a scale of about 1mm, 10% of the fuel is wasted.

2、 The heat transfer surface will be damaged

The boiler with scale has poor heat transfer performance, which means that the combustion heat of fuel cannot be quickly transferred to the water in the boiler, leading to the rise of furnace temperature and flue gas. Therefore, the temperature difference on both sides of the heating surface increases, the temperature of the metal wall increases, the strength decreases, and the pressure in the pot causes swelling and even blasting.

3、 Metal corrosion

Oxygen, acid and alkali substances in the water will corrode the metal surface of the boiler, make the wall thickness thinner, and appear dents and pits, thus reducing the strength of the boiler and seriously affecting the safe operation of the boiler. Especially, hot water boiler has large circulating water volume and serious corrosion. Scales containing expensive iron are also prone to metal corrosion. Ferrous corrosion products are easily re scaled. This is a vicious circle, which soon leads to damage to boiler components. In particular, the metal corrosion products in oil fired boilers are more harmful.

4、 Soda tends to coexist

In addition to improper operation, the reason why soda water is mixed together is that sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, grease and silicide, or organic matter and alkali saponify in boiler water. During boiling evaporation of water in the boiler, the bubble surface forms the co evolution of soda water and water.


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