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Why is the feed pump equipped with a recirculation pipe?
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Why is the feed pump equipped with a recirculation pipe?

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Compact structure, nice appearance and little pollution

The whole boiler is like a large container, with plastic sprayed steel plate or galvanized corrugated plate on the outside, and the color of plastic sprayed plate can be selected by the user. The boiler has high thermal efficiency and less chemical incomplete combustion loss. Due to the low flow rate of flue gas at the tail, it plays a role in soot deposition. All sides of the boiler body are welded by membrane wall, which is fully sealed by steel structure, preventing the occurrence of air leakage, and greatly improving the hygiene and cleanliness of the boiler room.

When the feed water flow is very small or zero, the friction heat generated by the impeller in the pump cannot be taken away by the feed water, which increases the temperature in the pump. When the temperature in the pump exceeds the saturation temperature under the pressure, the feed water will vaporize, forming cavitation.

In order to prevent this phenomenon, it is necessary to ensure the minimum flow of the feed water pump. Re circulating pipes can be set to ensure the minimum flow required under the unit startup, shutdown, low load or accident conditions to prevent the feedwater from vaporizing in the pump.


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