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Which is better, a pressurized hot water boiler or an atmospheric hot water boiler
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Which is better, a pressurized hot water boiler or an atmospheric hot water boiler

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Whether the hot water boiler is better under pressure or under normal pressure requires comprehensive consideration. The following is a comparative analysis of two hot water boilers from different perspectives:

1. Service life

The main components of atmospheric hot water boiler, such as tube plate, drum and furnace liner, are very thin, and their service life is relatively short; The pressurized hot water boiler is a special equipment, which requires high requirements in design and processing and has a longer service life.

2. Energy saving effect

The electric power of the circulating water pump of the atmospheric hot water boiler is higher than that of the pressure boiler, and the energy consumption is large. Since the atmospheric boiler is an open type, after the system stops, the circulating water in the system will return to the boiler due to the lax closure of the valve, resulting in waste; The pressurized hot water boiler only needs to overcome the pipe resistance, the structure is more rigid, and the energy saving effect is better.

3. Temperature range of hot water supply

Pressure hot water boiler can supply high temperature and low temperature hot water, while atmospheric hot water boiler can only supply low temperature water below 90 ℃.

4. Heating effect

Under the same heating conditions, the indoor heating temperature that can be achieved by the atmospheric hot water boiler with the same capacity is much lower than that of the pressurized hot water boiler heating system, and the heating effect is relatively poor.

5. Hydrodynamic cycle in boiler

The circulating water pump of the atmospheric hot water boiler pumps water from the boiler. The distribution of the return water is unreasonable. The phenomenon of subcooled boiling will occur in the high temperature area, which will lead to scaling on the heating surface in this area, causing heat transfer deterioration, tube plate cracking, weld leakage, etc; Relatively speaking, the pressurized hot water boiler is much better.

6. Too many heating restrictions

The atmospheric hot water boiler has the defect of high energy consumption and no energy saving in water transportation.

7. Investment cost

The normal pressure hot water boiler and the pressure hot water boiler are mainly different from the body price. The body of the normal pressure hot water boiler is thin in material, and the body is relatively cheap. However, the investment cost of the whole project is about the same.

In general, the performance of pressure hot water boiler is better, but the requirements are higher. The selection shall be made reasonably according to the actual situation of the boiler installation site and the boiler operation requirements.


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