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What will be the impact of coking on boiler heating surface
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What will be the impact of coking on boiler heating surface

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Based on sophisticated oil-gas fired boilers production experience, our WNSL sries oil-gas fired boilers are used for ecological power generation through years of cooperation with famous domestic scientific research institutions and universities. Based on the operation data of the company’s existing oil-gas fired boilers, we have developed the latest condensing oil-gas fired boilers which is high-efficient, energy-saving and environmental friendly.

(1) Coking will reduce the heat transfer capacity of the heating surface and increase power consumption. In case of severe coking on the water wall, in order to maintain the same evaporation capacity, the fuel quantity and air volume must be increased to increase the load of the forced draft fan and induced draft fan, which may also cause insufficient air volume and even limit the boiler output.

(2) The coking of the water wall will increase the flue gas temperature at the furnace outlet, which will aggravate the coking of the heating surface at the furnace outlet, and easily lead to the overheating of the high-temperature superheater and even tube explosion. The increase of flue gas temperature at the furnace outlet will also cause coking at the furnace outlet, which will increase the resistance at the flue gas side and reduce the economy of boiler operation

(3) The coking at the outlet of the burner will affect the normal injection of the pulverized coal gas flow or cause the gas flow deviation, wear the water wall tubes, form local high temperature, aggravate the coking of the water wall, or even burn out the burner or plug the nozzle with coke slag.

(4) When the water wall is seriously coking, it may break the water circulation and cause local overheating and tube explosion of the water wall tube.

(5) Serious coking on the heating surface will reduce the heat absorption of the working medium, increase the exhaust gas temperature, increase the heat loss of the exhaust gas, and reduce the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

(6) When the chamber is burnt in large area, the water-cooled wall tube may be damaged or even put out of fire.

(7) In case of serious coking at the ash hopper, the outlet of the cold ash hopper will be blocked or even forced to shut down.


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