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What is the working principle of heat transfer oil furnace
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What is the working principle of heat transfer oil furnace

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The main products of our company are oil-fired (gas-fired) boilers, fluidized bed boilers (coal-fired, biomass-fired), pulverized-coal fired boilers, corner-tube boilers (coal-fired, biomass-fired), various types of waste heat utilization boilers for waste and hazardous waste incineration, large intelligent control autoclave and other products. The company has an annual production capacity of more than 10,000 steam tons of boilers and 800 sets of pressure vessels.

Heat transfer oil boiler is a new environmental protection temperature control equipment with oil, coal and gas as fuel and heat transfer oil as medium. The cylinder is equipped with a deflector, and the electric heating element is used as the heating element. The structure is advanced, the water is evenly heated, and the mechanical strength is high, which effectively improves the production efficiency of the enterprise. Heat transfer oil boiler, also known as heat transfer oil temperature controller, heat transfer oil temperature control equipment, oil heating temperature controller and heat transfer oil electric heater, has large pump flow and large heating power, and can heat the heat transfer oil temperature to 350 ℃ under low operating pressure.

Working principle of electric heating heat transfer oil boiler: for the temperature control machine, heat is generated and transmitted by the electric heating element immersed in heat transfer oil. With heat transfer oil as the medium, the circulation pump is used to force the heat transfer oil to carry out liquid-phase circulation and transfer the heat to one or more heat consuming equipment. After the heat consuming equipment is unloaded, it passes through the circulation pump again, returns to the heater, absorbs the heat, and transfers the heat to the heat consuming equipment, and so on, Realize the continuous transfer of heat and increase the temperature of the heated object to meet the requirements of the heating process.


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