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What is the boiler stop valve used for?
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What is the boiler stop valve used for?

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Its main function is to fully open or close, which means to cut off the water source. However, with the gradual development and improvement of the stop valve, it has also realized the function of regulation and throttling. Cutting off means to close the valve to control the incoming water flow. Throttling means to twist the valve stem to seal, apply pressure to the valve disc, and prevent the medium from entering through the gap.

① The main function of the stop valve in the pipeline is to cut off or connect the fluid. The regulating flow of the stop valve is better than that of the gate valve, but the stop valve cannot be used to regulate the pressure and flow for a long time. Otherwise, the sealing surface of the stop valve may be eroded by the medium and the sealing performance may be damaged.

② The stop valve can be used for water, steam, compressed air and other pipelines, but it should not be used for medium pipelines with high viscosity, easy coking and easy sedimentation to avoid damaging the sealing surface.

The stop valve is used to cut off the flow of medium. The stop valve is suitable for the occasion that needs frequent opening. The sealing parts of the stop valve are the valve disc and the valve seat. In order to make the stop valve close tightly, the mating surface of the valve disc and the valve seat should be ground or used with gaskets, or the sealing surface can be inlaid with anti-corrosion and wear-resistant materials such as bronze and stainless steel. The disc and valve stem of the stop valve are movably connected to facilitate the tight fitting of the disc and valve stem. The rise and fall of the disc of the stop valve is generally controlled by the valve stem. The upper part of the valve stem of the stop valve is the handwheel, and the middle part is the thread and packing seal section. The role of the packing is to prevent the medium inside the valve body from leaking along the valve stem.


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