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What is a vacuum hot water boiler
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What is a vacuum hot water boiler

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There are many kinds of hot water boilers, one of which is vacuum hot water boiler. It is a boiler equipment that heats cold water by phase change heat exchange under vacuum state. It is composed of combustion chamber, water pipe, negative pressure steam chamber, heat exchanger, heat medium water, etc. When working under vacuum state, the heat medium water will boil → evaporate → condense → heat medium water in the closed body, thus heating the water in the heat exchanger. Vacuum degree shall be set for vacuum hot water boiler, generally within the pressure range of 2.67KPa-66.6KPa.

Vacuum hot water boiler, also known as vacuum phase-change hot water boiler, refers to a boiler that heats cold water through phase-change heat exchange when the pressure of the medium inside the boiler is lower than the atmospheric pressure during normal operation. The boiler body is vacuum sealed, the heat medium is burned under negative pressure, and the steam generated is exchanged with the heat exchanger for steam and water, with high heat efficiency, safety and stability.

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