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What is a circulating fluidized bed?
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What is a circulating fluidized bed?

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A large number of solid particles are suspended in the moving fluid, so that the particles have some apparent characteristics of the fluid. This fluid solid contact state becomes solid fluidization, namely circulating fluidized bed.

Fluidized bed combustion mode: It is a combustion mode between laminar combustion and suspended combustion. The fuel is burned in the fluidized state, and the materials flying out of the furnace are collected by the gas-solid separator and returned to the furnace. The boiler for circulating combustion and utilization is called the circulating fluidized bed boiler.

In order to seek a breakthrough, Jiangsu Sifang Boiler, on the basis of its own research, development and production of circulating fluidized bed boilers, has developed the latest generation of safe, efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly circulating fluidized bed boiler products through in-depth cooperation with Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Xi'an Institute, strengthening the docking of relevant national energy conservation and environmental protection policies, and combining the domestic advanced operation data of circulating fluidized bed boilers. At present, with increasingly strict environmental protection requirements, variable coal types, high proportion of direct combustion of raw coal, and increasingly prominent contradiction between coal burning and environmental protection, circulating fluidized bed boilers have become the first choice of environmental protection and energy saving products.


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