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What are the safety precautions for operating gas-fired boilers
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What are the safety precautions for operating gas-fired boilers

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Reasonable flue structure and smoke box drainage structure help to make the condensate water easy to be discharged, collected and treated.Large scale assembly and supply to reduce the workload of on-site installation. The economizer and condenser can be placed on the upper part of the boiler according to the site conditions.

1. The operators shall obtain the qualification of firefighters, work with certificates, carefully read the equipment operation instructions, and master the knowledge and methods of safe operation.

2. Check whether the air valve is open before starting every time. If it is not turned on, the burner will not work.

3. Activate the power control button on the control cabinet. At this time, the digital display window displays the current furnace pressure. Refer to your boiler controller manual to determine the pressure level.

4. After the burner is started, the fan is pre-purged for 30-50 seconds, the gas valve is opened, and the flame is established.

5. The boiler controller sends the start and stop command of the combustion engine according to the change of pressure. The operator should often observe the change of pressure and immediately stop and stop the fire in case of any abnormal phenomenon.

6. During the operation of thegas-fired boiler, the operator should often observe the water level, especially to ensure that the make-up tank is full of water. The operator shall drain the boiler regularly to ensure the boiler water quality.

7. In case of any abnormal phenomenon during the operation of the boiler, the operator shall stop the boiler immediately and restart it after troubleshooting.

8. For gas-fired boilers with three-phase power supply, the operator shall check the positive and reverse rotation of the motor before the first start. Otherwise, the ignition cannot be normal.

9. In case of manual shutdown or shift, the operator must first press the stop button on the gas boiler controller, turn off the burner, and then turn off the controller. After the burner stops completely, disconnect the main power supply.

10. If the shutdown time is long, close the gas pipeline valve to avoid leakage.


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