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What are the safety accessories of autoclave?
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What are the safety accessories of autoclave?

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An autoclave is a large reactor vessel equipment for the sand-lime brick, fly ash bricks, aerated concrete block, a new type of light wall materials, concrete and other building products, piles of autoclaving conservation, the steam-cured, so that the products are of high intensity. In addition to the current products used in portland construction products, but also used in chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber, wood, plaster, glass, insulation materials, textile workers, military and other fields. The product in a foreign country, learn the most advanced design concepts, with domestic production features of the pressure vessel, designed and manufactured in line with professional standards and procedures, rational structure, operational flexibility, diversity, safe and reliable products Autoclaves kettle.

The safety accessories of autoclave include safety interlock device, safety valve, pressure gauge, pressure transmitter, zero pressure controller and temperature measuring instrument.

The safety interlock device is a unique safety accessory of the autoclave and an interlock device for opening and closing the autoclave door, which is related to the safe operation of the autoclave. It should have the following functions:

① When the kettle door reaches the predetermined closing position, the pressure can be boosted for operation;

② When the pressure in the kettle is completely released, the kettle door can be opened;

③ It has the alarm function synchronized with the above.

During the operation of the autoclave, the handle of the safety device must be in a horizontal position, and the ball valve should be closed at this time. And ensure that the ball valve has no leakage. When opening the kettle door, the safety handle should be vertical and the ball valve should be fully open, otherwise adjustment and repair should be carried out.

Regularly check and maintain the safety device, focusing on whether the safety device support has cracks or the connecting bolts are loose, and whether the ball valve has leakage at its normal working position. Whether the safety device is stuck or cannot be kept in the correct working position during operation. Regularly check and keep records.

The safety valve, pressure gauge, pressure transmitter, zero pressure controller and temperature measuring instrument shall be calibrated regularly according to the requirements of national measurement regulations. Stop using immediately in case of abnormal conditions.


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