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What are the requirements for boiler installation and maintenance qualification
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What are the requirements for boiler installation and maintenance qualification

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Our company was established in 1998, and is the first ASME accredited special equipment manufacturing enterprise of China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute. Through technological and innovative development, our company has become the leading boiler industry in China.

Boiler is a kind of special equipment with high risk. Therefore, China has clear qualification requirements for boiler installation, transformation and maintenance. To apply for boiler installation and maintenance qualification, the following conditions should be met:

1. The applicant enterprise has an independent enterprise legal person qualification or an organization authorized by the enterprise legal person, and has obtained an industrial and commercial business license.

2. There shall be a fixed office location and an appropriate data archive room, instrument and equipment room and warehouse.

3. Have installation, modification and maintenance skills necessary for installation, modification and maintenance, and have certain experience in installation, modification and maintenance..

4. Engineering equipment and detection means required for boiler installation, transformation and maintenance.

5. The quality management system, safety technical specifications, standards and systems required for installation, transformation and maintenance shall be provided.

6. Be able to effectively operate the quality management system and effectively implement relevant safety technical standards, regulations, standards and systems.


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