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What are the differences between horizontal and vertical biomass boilers
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What are the differences between horizontal and vertical biomass boilers

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Jiangsu Sifang boiler is designed with longitudinal double drums and " D " type chamber structure. The boiler adopts the idea of furnace design, which makes it burn completely and not easy to deposit carbon. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, sufficient output and low NOx emission. The boiler adopts self-supporting structure to save steel frame and space. The economizer and condenser adopt reasonable spiral finned tube structure, and the heat exchange mode adopts countercurrent heat exchange, which has good heat transfer performance. The condenser is made of special ND steel with good cold resistance and corrosion resistance, which greatly improves the service life of the boiler.

① Heat transfer; Vertical boiler has good heat exchange performance and high utilization efficiency of heating surface;

② Ash removal; The waste gas flow rate of horizontal boiler is high, and the ash at the front is easy to be carried into the rear by the waste gas, which causes ash blockage at the rear of the boiler;

③ Floor area; The vertical floor area is smaller;

④ Steam water circulation; The vertical boiler height meets the requirements of natural steam water circulation, and the horizontal boiler needs to force the circulating pump to circulate steam water.


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