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What are the common boiler dust removers
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What are the common boiler dust removers

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1. Coal fired boiler dust remover

The dedusting efficiency shall be above 99.9, the amount of dust generated shall be controlled below 30mg/Nm3, and the high concentration dust below 100g/Nm3 can be treated. Advanced sealing measures, air leakage coefficient less than 2%, advanced structural design, large filtering area per unit volume, and small equipment volume. The unique and effective cleaning method extends the service life of the filter bag. The unique and effective cleaning method extends the service life of the filter bag. The main parts have reliable quality, long service life and good performance. High stability, high degree of automation and convenient daily maintenance. The operation status of the dust remover of coal-fired boiler is easily affected by the operation status of the boiler and its auxiliary equipment, and the change of flue gas volume and flue gas volume is affected by air leakage, pipe blockage and other factors. Air preheater. Add. Temperature, oxygen content, nitrogen oxide content, moisture content, dust content, smoke particle size, etc. are all affected to varying degrees, affecting the dedusting effect.

2. Biomass dust remover

The process of biomass boiler dust remover is to treat the flue gas generated in the production process of each boiler separately. Flue gas from boiler. The dust enters the cyclone dust collector through the dedusting pipe. At this time, the large particles and dust in the flue gas are separated under the centrifugal force of the cyclone dust collector, and the large particle dust is discharged from the cyclone dust collector. Fine dust enters the bag filter. Add. The dust attached to the bag surface is filtered by the bag, collected in the dust collecting hopper of the dust remover by means of pulse blowing, and recycled or used by the blanking controller. The clean air treated by the bag filter is discharged into the atmosphere from the chimney through the blower. The dust laden flue gas of the boiler is treated by the bag type dust remover, which can reduce the pollution of the flue to the surrounding environment and achieve the goal of cleaner production. The biomass boiler is characterized by reliability and practicability. The operation reliability of the dust remover is the highest, and the maintenance work and maintenance cost are significantly reduced, even if it is used for smoke purification and product recovery. Improve the overall system economy.

3. Vertical boiler dust remover

Desulfurization and dust remover, biogas desulfurization tower, desulfurization spray tower, etc. can be assembled in sections, with the characteristics of small floor area, convenient transportation and installation. The dust remover of vertical boiler adopts domestic advanced composite materials and high temperature resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic resin, which enhances the wear resistance and high temperature resistance and greatly extends the service life. The vertical boiler dust remover directly impacts the flue gas on the water surface, saving water, reducing pollution, convenient operation and maintenance, low operation cost, low operation cost, high dehydration effect, and economic and practical. Type A dedusting and desulfurization equipment. (The biogas desulfurization tower and desulfurization spray tower are spray type) The vertical boiler desulfurization and dust remover completely solves the practical problem of wet desulfurization and dust removal equipment. It is the most economical, practical and ideal environmental protection product for coal-fired, oil fired boilers, coal water slurry boilers, kilns, metallurgy, chemical industry, acid mist purification, thermal power plants, cement plants, methane desulfurization, etc.

4. Dust remover of hand burning furnace

The dust remover of the hand fired furnace has high dust removal efficiency, which can reach more than 99.9%. Less auxiliary equipment, less investment, low technical requirements, stable performance, strong adaptability to load fluctuation, convenient operation and management, especially suitable for the collection of fine dust and dry dust, and the collected dry dust is easy to handle and recycle. This equipment is suitable for cleaning dust gas containing explosion hazard and spark.

5. Chain furnace dust remover

The off-line dust removal technology is adopted to reduce the dust removal pressure and compressed air consumption, and extend the service life of the dust removal bag. Use common anti fiber filter media. It has excellent chemical properties and heat resistance. The long-term use temperature is 160 . To prevent condensation, the whole precipitator is insulated. In particular, the upper part of the upper box adopts special insulation process. Protect cleaning equipment and electrical equipment Due to the double row structure, the air inlet and outlet and the air duct have inclined baffles, and the ash hopper air inlet is equipped with spark eliminator and deflector, so the load of each room is basically the same. It removes unburned hot dust particles and protects the filter bag. The main air inlet pipe is equipped with a cold air valve, which is automatically controlled by double detection points. When the temperature is too high, cold air is inhaled to prevent abnormal high temperature flue gas from directly entering the dust remover. The chain furnace dust removers are all automatically controlled by PLC, and have the machine side control and maintenance functions. The upper computer uses Kingview software to fully display the operation status. It is equipped with various alarm devices.


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