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Installation method and steps of boiler dust removal equipment
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Installation method and steps of boiler dust removal equipment

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When installing the boiler dust removal equipment, it is necessary to follow the correct installation method and steps. Generally, the installation position should be determined before installation, and then the installation should be carried out according to the steps:

1. Installation of boiler dust collector bracket

After checking that the foundation meets the drawing and quality requirements, install the foundation bolt on the bracket, and then place the bracket on the basis of the marked datum line.

2. Installation of boiler dust collector

After the bracket is installed, lift the dust removal equipment and tighten the bolts connecting the dust remover and the bracket. During hoisting, it can be installed in sections or as a whole according to the situation (vertical or horizontal). The flange connected to the dust collector shall be tightly connected, and asbestos twisted rope shall be used as padding, and the padding shall be added to the inner side of the connecting bolt.

3. Installation of flue pipe of boiler dust collector

First install the smoke pipe and the diffuser of the dust collector from the outlet of the economizer or the outlet of the boiler rear smoke box. Asbestos rope shall be used as padding for flange connection between smoke pipes, and the connection shall be tight. After the smoke pipe is installed, check whether the position of the flange of the diffusion pipe and the inlet flange of the dust collector are appropriate. If it is slightly inappropriate, adjust the position and elevation of the dust collector bracket to make the dust collector and the smoke pipe connected properly.

4. Check the verticality and levelness of the dust collector

After the dust remover and smoke pipe are installed, check the verticality and water level of the dust remover and support. The perpendicularity and horizontal error of the dust collector is 1/1000, and then pour concrete into the anchor bolt hole. When the concrete strength reaches 75%, tighten the anchor bolt.

5. Install the air lock

The air lock is an important part of the dust collector and one of the key parts to ensure the effect of the dust removal equipment. Therefore, the connection of the air lock and the tongue plate should be tightly contacted, and the counterweight or hanging ring should be appropriate.


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