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How to select industrial boilers
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How to select industrial boilers

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Corner Tube Boiler refers to the boiler supported by angle pipes (large-diameter downcomers) set at its four corners, with the drum arranged horizontally at the top of the boiler front wall, and the whole is a full membrane wall structure, which means a closed water-cooled structure is formed around the boiler body, and all the heating surfaces are supported by themselves. The heating surfaces are able to expand freely, simplifying the boiler structure and saving steel. The furnace wall of the boiler adopts light membrane wall, which has less heat storage and can make the boiler cool quickly in case of accidental power failure, making the boiler safer.

1Application of coal type

The unit design of a boiler is based on the composition of a representative coal type. When selecting a boiler, attention must be paid to adapting to the local coal type. In addition, new boilers with high thermal efficiency and high degree of automation should be selected.

2Parameter selection

Boilers generally have the highest efficiency at 80% to 90% of the rated load, and as the load decreases, the efficiency also decreases. Generally, it is sufficient to select a boiler with a capacity greater than 10% of the actual steam consumption. If the selected parameters do not exactly meet the series standards, a boiler with a higher level of parameters is selected. The selection of boiler auxiliary equipment should also refer to the above principles to avoid "big horse pulling small car".

3Selection of quantity

The principle is to consider normal boiler maintenance and shutdown, and to note that the number of boilers in the boiler room is not more than 3-4.

4Theboiler shall be equipped with an economizer

In order to reduce the heat loss of exhaust gas and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, a economizer heating surface is installed in the flue at the rear of the boiler to heat the boiler feedwater using the heat of the flue gas, achieving the purpose of energy conservation. After installing an economizer, the feedwater temperature is increased, reducing the temperature difference between the boiler water and the feedwater, and reducing the thermal effect generated by the boiler feedwater.

National regulations: the exhaust gas temperature of boilers<4 tons/hour shall not be greater than 250 ℃; ≥ The boiler exhaust gas temperature of 4 tons/hour shall not be greater than 200 ℃; ≥ The exhaust gas temperature of a 10 ton/hour boiler shall not be greater than 160 ℃, otherwise an economizer shall be installed.

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