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How to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler?
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How to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler?

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Established in 1998, Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Co., Ltd. is the first special equipment manufacturer certified by ASME of China special equipment testing and Research Institute. Through technology guidance, innovation and development, the enterprise has become the leader of China's boiler industry.


Boiler thermal efficiency refers to the percentage of the effective utilization heat of the boiler and the input heat of the boiler per unit time, also known as boiler efficiency.

To improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler is actually to increase the effective utilization of heat and reduce various heat losses of the boiler. The key point is to reduce the heat loss of the boiler exhaust gas and the mechanical incomplete combustion loss.


Measures to reduce heat loss of boiler exhaust gas mainly include:

1) Reduce the air leakage of the furnace.

2) Select appropriate excess air coefficient.

3) Prevent slagging and ash deposition on the heating surface.

4) Prevent the heating surface from scaling.

5) Adjust the boiler combustion.

6) Keep the exhaust gas temperature as low as possible.

7) Adjust the coal type to reduce the moisture in the coal.


The measures to reduce the heat loss of incomplete combustion of machinery mainly include:

1) Adjust the combustion conditions according to the boiler load and time, and distribute air reasonably.

2) Adjust the coal feeding amount according to the volatile content of raw coal and time to maintain the optimal coal amount.

To reduce the heat dissipation loss of the boiler, it is mainly to strengthen the maintenance and repair of the boiler pipes and the insulation layer of the body.


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