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Explanation of boiler terms (II)
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Explanation of boiler terms (II)

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8. Shell boiler

The boiler whose heating surface is mainly arranged in the shell (drum) is called shell boiler, also called fire tube boiler

9. Horizontal boiler

The boiler whose longitudinal axis of the shell is parallel to the ground is called horizontal boiler. It includes horizontal external combustion boiler and horizontal internal combustion boiler. The so-called horizontal external-combustion boiler means that the furnace is set outside the drum, while the horizontal internal-combustion boiler is set inside the drum.

10. Vertical boiler

The boiler whose longitudinal axis of the shell is perpendicular to the ground is called a vertical boiler. It includes vertical water tube boiler and vertical fire tube boiler. The so-called vertical water tube boiler is that the flue gas washes out the outside of the pipe and transfers heat to the water inside the pipe, while the vertical fire tube boiler is that the flue gas flows inside the pipe and transfers heat to the water outside the pipe, and the water outside the pipe is wrapped in the drum.

11. Hot water boiler

Boilers that heat water to a certain temperature but fail to reach vaporization are called hot water boilers. Generally, it is a boiler for heating.

12. Natural circulation boiler

The boiler that circulates the boiler water depends on the gravity difference between the water in the downcomer and the hot water or gas-water mixture in the riser is called the natural circulation boiler.

13. Forced circulation boiler

In addition to relying on the gravity difference between the water in the downcomer and the medium in the riser, the boiler that mainly relies on the pressure head of the circulating water pump for boiler water circulation is called the forced circulation boiler.

14. Furnace

The space for combustion and heat transfer is called furnace.


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