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Difference between steam generator and steam boiler
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Difference between steam generator and steam boiler

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The main products of our company are oil-fired (gas-fired) boilers, fluidized bed boilers (coal-fired, biomass-fired), pulverized-coal fired boilers, corner-tube boilers (coal-fired, biomass-fired), various types of waste heat utilization boilers for waste and hazardous waste incineration, large intelligent control autoclave and other products. The company has an annual production capacity of more than 10,000 steam tons of boilers and 800 sets of pressure vessels.

1. Different volumes

In practical application, the volume of steam generator is relatively small, and the tonnage is between 1-2 tons (single set), which is suitable for industries with small steam output.

The tonnage range of steam boilers is relatively large. Boilers can divide the tonnage of boiler products according to the evaporation capacity, which is suitable for industries with high steam output.

2. Different operating temperatures

The operating temperatures of steam generators and steam boilers are also different. The tonnage of the steam generator is small, the operating temperature is 170 ℃, and the steam boiler temperature is above 200 ℃.

3. Different security

The pressure value of steam boiler is large, which will have certain hidden dangers. The safety factor of the steam generator is higher than that of the steam boiler, and its pressure value is not as large as that of the boiler. When it reaches the critical value, intelligent control will be started, and the automatic protection program will be started when water, power and gas are cut off, which improves the safety factor to a certain extent.

4. Different filing inspection

As we all know, the steam boiler has high pressure and certain potential instability, so the steam boiler operation needs to be filed and registered, and China also has a special quality supervision department to conduct regular inspection every year to ensure safe use. As the steam generator is a small equipment, it does not need to be filed for acceptance, but only needs to be installed and commissioned to start the operation.

5. Different energy saving rates

In the operation process of traditional boilers, energy consumption is relatively large. In the production process of the steam generator, the high-temperature flue gas generated can be used as the heat source for recovery to save fuel consumption. The intelligent frequency conversion system of the Internet of Things is more energy-saving than the frequent start and stop of the three section fire of the traditional boiler. In terms of energy saving rate, steam generators are more dominant.


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