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Development of fire tube boiler
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Development of fire tube boiler

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The waste heat boiler usually has high dust content and wear problem, which seriously affects the service life of the boiler. Considering this problem, on the one hand, we use thick-walled tubes for the heating surface of our boiler to improve the strength of the tubes. On the other hand, we reasonably control the flue gas flow rate to reduce the wear rate, reduce the failure rate of the waste heat boiler and improve the service life of the waste heat boiler. Because the flue gas contains SO2, HCl, HF and other acidic gases, so a reasonable choice of boiler steam parameters to control the temperature point of the heating surface, can avoid high-temperature corrosion and low-temperature corrosion.

Fire-tube boiler includes cylindrical boiler, single-tube boiler, double-tube boiler, smoke-tube boiler, smoke-tube boiler, vertical boiler, etc.

The other direction is to increase the heating area outside the cylinder, that is, increase the number of water tanks, and fuel will burn outside the cylinder. Similar to the development of fire tube boilers, the number of water pipes has been increasing and developed into many small diameter water pipes. These boilers are collectively called water tube boilers because water flows through the pipes. There are full-header horizontal water tube boilers, sub-header horizontal water tube boilers, straight water tube boilers, curved water tube boilers, etc. At first, the boiler was mainly developed along the first direction, namely, the fire tube (smoke tube) boiler which increased the heating area inside the boiler shell. Until the middle of the 19th century, boilers began to develop in the second direction, that is, water tube boilers. In addition, there are also some water-fire tube group type boilers, such as quick-fit boilers with longitudinal drums, vertical curved tube boilers, etc.


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