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Classification of industrial steam boilers
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Classification of industrial steam boilers

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1. Classification by working medium

It can be divided into natural circulation boiler, forced circulation boiler, once through boiler, etc.

2. Classification by flue gas flow

Water tube boiler, shell boiler (fire tube boiler), water tube and fire tube boiler.

3. Classified by installation method

Quick installed boiler, assembled boiler and bulk boiler.

4. Classification by drum placement

Vertical and horizontal boilers.

5. Classification by use

Domestic boilers, industrial boilers, power plant boilers, vehicle and marine boilers.

6. Classification by media

Steam boiler, hot water boiler, soda water boiler, organic heat medium boiler.

7. Classification by water cycle

Natural circulation, forced circulation, once through boiler, combined circulation.

8. Classification by pressure

Atmospheric pressure boiler, low pressure boiler, medium pressure boiler, high pressure boiler and ultra-high pressure boiler.

9. Classification according to combustion mode

Internal combustion boiler and external combustion boiler.

10. Classification by fuel

Coal fired boiler, oil fired boiler, gas fired boiler, pulverized coal fired boiler, waste heat boiler, electric boiler, biomass boiler.

11. Classification by drum quantity

Single drum boiler, double drum boiler.

12. Classification by manufacturing level

The steam boiler can be divided into four grades: A, B, C and D according to the manufacturing level. Common Class A steam boilers are divided into low pressure boilers, medium pressure boilers and medium pressure boilers. High pressure boiler, high pressure boiler, ultra-high pressure boiler, subcritical boiler, supercritical boiler.


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