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Characteristics of horizontal boiler
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Characteristics of horizontal boiler

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1. Large water volume, high thermal efficiency, fast steam production, sufficient steam, long service life, high-quality brand burner and booster feed pump, full combustion, timely water supply, low noise.

2. Select a computer controller with self diagnosis function, which will automatically shut down and give an audible and visual alarm in case of abnormal operation, indicating the fault code, so as to facilitate maintenance.

3. The protection device is complete, and the burner can be equipped with high-temperature purging device, which is safe and reliable. High quality safety valves, pressure regulators, low water level and overheating protection devices shall be equipped to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

4. Compact structure, small floor area, beautiful appearance and bright colors.

5. Small tube type 30-300kg/h adopts vertical double return, 500-1000kg/h adopts vertical three return

6. High efficiency and energy saving, optimized furnace structure, large heating area, especially the three pass boiler has high thermal efficiency, fast gas production and long service life. High quality famous brand burners and pressurized water supply pumps are selected to ensure full combustion, no pollution, timely water supply and low noise.


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