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What is a PCV valve? What is the role?
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What is a PCV valve? What is the role?

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In response to this question, Jiangsu Sifang boiler replied:

The PVC valve is mainly opened automatically according to the set pressure when the main steam pressure is high. The function is direct. The superheated steam is directly discharged to the atmosphere without temperature reduction. The method is simple. The PCV valve is generally installed on the steam pipe at the outlet of the superheater header of the boiler, and its function is the same as that of air exhaust (generally installed in front of the air exhaust valve at the outlet of the superheater, because its operating pressure is lower than that of air exhaust).

In addition to acting according to the set pressure, the PCV valve can also be remotely operated by the operator to manually open or reseat. The operation flexibility is much better. The full opening process of PCV valve takes only a few seconds, and the action is fast, which can ensure that the boiler safety valve does not act. In particular, it has won valuable buffer time for a series of complex controls such as fast opening the turbine bypass, reducing the combustion intensity and maintaining the drum water level. Although the PCV valve loses part of the working medium during the operation (a disadvantage of this method), the superheated steam emission loss in the equivalent opening time of the PCV valve is much lower than the cost of re starting the furnace. The main function is to reduce the action times of the safety valve. When the pressure is high, the PCV valve is opened for pressure relief first, and the set pressure is slightly lower than the safety valve. If the pressure relief is not timely, the safety valve will act again. If the pressure drops, the safety valve will not act.


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