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What are the rules of condensate precipitation and its destructive effects when the autoclave works?
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What are the rules of condensate precipitation and its destructive effects when the autoclave works?

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Regarding this issue, Jiangsu Sifang boiler believes that:

1、 Condensate Precipitation Law:

Each steam curing cycle of the autoclave goes through three stages of pressure (temperature), constant pressure (temperature) and pressure reduction (temperature). About 80% of the saturated steam in each steam curing becomes condensed water in the autoclave, of which about 85% of the condensed water is precipitated in the pressure (temperature) stage (about 2H), and the remaining 15% is precipitated.

2、 If the condensate is not discharged in time, the following destructive effects will occur:

(1) The condensed water accumulated in the kettle will cause serious electrochemical and chemical corrosion to the steel plate in the kettle that is in contact with it;

(2) The temperature difference between the upper and lower parts of the kettle is caused, that is, the top temperature of the kettle is high (saturated steam temperature) and the bottom temperature is low (condensate water temperature). On the one hand, the temperature difference in the kettle will make the products steam unevenly and affect the strength of the products; On the other hand, it will cause the upper arch deformation of the kettle body, thus causing a large temperature difference stress on the kettle wall.

3Features of automatic condensate discharge system of autoclave of Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Co., Ltd.:

(1) Free drainage when low water level is set.

(2) The accurate and reliable liquid level control system and interlocking function are selected. When the warning liquid level is reached, the electric blow down valve will be interlocked and started, and the real-time automatic drainage / blowdown will be realized. There is no condensate accumulation in the kettle, and no manual participation is required.

(3) Redundant design is adopted, and manual blowdown bypass is added to ensure double blowdown.



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