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What are the causes and preventive measures for welding porosity?
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What are the causes and preventive measures for welding porosity?

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In view of this problem, Jiangsu Sifang boiler suggests:

During welding, the gas in the molten pool fails to escape during solidification and remains in the weld, which is called pore.

Causes: the welding material has not been baked or the baking does not meet the requirements, the welding wire is not cleaned, and the gas generated by itself enters the molten pool during the welding process; The weldment is not cleaned, and the gas generated by the impurities enters the molten pool when the welding temperature is high; The arc is too long, the shielding gas flow is too large or too small during argon arc welding, and the protection effect is not good.

Preventive measures: the base metal and welding wire shall be cleaned as required; Select appropriate welding line energy parameters, the welding speed shall not be too fast, and the arc shall not be too long. Correctly grasp the operation essentials such as arc starting, strip transportation and arc ending; During argon arc welding, the flow of protective gas is appropriate, and the purity of argon meets the requirements.


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