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In order to avoid serious corrosion of autoclave, what measures are taken in use?
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In order to avoid serious corrosion of autoclave, what measures are taken in use?

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In view of this problem, Jiangsu Sifang boiler suggests:

1. Vacuumize the kettle to reduce the oxygen content in the steam

Try to shorten the time of entering and leaving the material truck; The vacuum shall be evacuated and the vacuum degree shall be properly increased before the steam is introduced. Vacuuming before autoclave curing can not only reduce the oxygen content in the kettle, but also speed up the heating speed of the green body and meet the requirements of the autoclave curing process.

2. Correctly install and use the steam blocking and drainage system

The steam in the autoclave will form condensed water after heat exchange with the green body, and more condensed water will gather at the bottom of the autoclave, thus often causing temperature difference between the upper and lower parts of the autoclave, which will not only deform the autoclave, but also cause corrosion of the autoclave. Especially at the initial stage of steam pressure rise, excessive condensate should be discharged in time.

3. The residual slag at the bottom of the kettle body shall be removed in time

4. The autoclave that is temporarily stopped shall be properly maintained



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