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What are the classifications of boilers
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What are the classifications of boilers

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Corner tube boiler is easy to maintain and the furnace grate is easy to assemble and disassemble. If the furnace grate is damaged in the boiler operation, it can be replaced at will without stopping the furnace. The membrane wall can be patched, and several rows of tubes need to be cut off every time the convection tube bundle of the two drums of the bulk furnace is replaced. Corner tube boiler is lower than the traditional bulk boiler and has a relatively compact structure, which completely eliminates the corrosion of furnace components caused by low-temperature condensation of corrosive volatiles in the upper part of the blast furnace chamber.

Boilers can be classified from different perspectives:

According to the structural form, it can be divided into shell boiler (fire tube boiler), water tube boiler, and water fire tube boiler.

According to different purposes, it can be divided into power station boilers, industrial boilers, domestic boilers, etc.

According to capacity, it can be divided into large boilers, medium boilers, and small boilers. Traditionally, boilers with evaporation greater than 100t/h are large boilers, boilers with evaporation of 20~100t/h are medium boilers, and boilers with evaporation less than 20t/h are small boilers.

4. According to the steam pressure, it can be divided into low-pressure boiler, medium pressure boiler, high-pressure boiler, ultra-high pressure boiler, etc.

According to different types of fuel and energy, it can be divided into coal-fired boilers, oil fired boilers, gas fired boilers, waste heat boilers, etc.

According to the combustion mode of fuel in the boiler, it can be divided into layer combustion furnace, fluidized bed furnace, and chamber combustion furnace.

According to the flow mode of working medium in the evaporation system, it can be divided into natural circulation boilers, forced circulation boilers, once-through boilers, etc.

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